Reading Lamp Assemby (RLA)

Reading Lamp Assemblies maintain a constant current control.   While the vehicle power supply fluctuates between 6V and 18V changes, RLA ensures that the current through the LED remains constant 130mA so that the intensity of the reading light remains unchanged.

Product features:

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Compatible with courtesy lighting systems – light fades in and out with door opening and closing.
  • Lighted control push buttons

Product parameter:

Storage temperature range -40℃ ~ 95℃
Operating temperature range -40℃ ~ 85℃
Relative humidity < 95% (@25℃)
Rated working voltage DC 12V
Working voltage DC 6V ~ 18V
Rated working current 130mA+/-2mA@13.5V
Sleep current < 1mA
Average illuminance 106lux+/-10%

Product advantages:

  • Extremely wide operating voltage range (6V~18V)
  • Constant Current output
  • Low power usage in sleep mode